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About us

Louis is, first and foremost, a shared experience. We are coffee roasters and pastry chefs, we design unique shops for unique customers: a mix of old and new, the vintage culture and the latest technologies. We believe in things well done. And that is why our products are of the highest quality, made for the most demanding customers.

We build original and challenging environments. We own a distinctive aesthetic.

Music, film and art enhance the experience of those who visit us. Our products and services are personalised. What we do is not only good, it is also fast: speed of service,process, and connection are key attributes of our identity.

Louis, an avant-garde brand in full growth, arrives in Miami with a differential proposal.

Because life is much better in company.

About louis

Louis is a Hipster culture café: a vintage concept in synergy with new technologies. The shared experience focuses on the consumer, both in terms of what happens in the premises and with the take-away product.

Unique shops for unique customers: differentiation and customisation as a roadmap (mobile app, calorie consumption, tracking with digital marketing tools)..

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